How do you aim swerve and massé shots?

The massé shot handout, “VEPS GEMS – Part XVI: The Massé Shot” (BD, April, 2011), “Coriolis was brilliant … but he didn’t have a high-speed camera – Part V: massé shot aiming” (BD, November, 2005), and Bob Jewett’s December ’97 article explain and illustrate a method that can be used to help aim massé shots. It was discovered in the early 1800s by a famous mathematician and physicist named Gustave Coriolis. It is referred to as the Coriolis aiming system or the “BAR” method (“B” for ball contact point, “A” for cloth aim point, and “R” for CB resting point). For a demonstrations, see this video from Vol. V of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots:

More information and examples can be found here:

from Patrick Johnson (in AZB post):

massé shot aiming
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