What are some recommended “best practices” for the pre-shot routine?

The following videos, the first from Vol. I of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP), describe and demonstrate elements of a good pre-shot routine:

For more information, see “VEPP – Part I: Introduction and Fundamentals,” (BD, April, 2012).

The following video demonstrates what many players often do wrong:

This video also provides excellent advice: NV B.5 – Mike Page’s pre-shot routine video (part 1, part 2). Also, this article by Bob Jewett offer excellent advice: Bob Jewett’s August ’00 BD article dealing with pre-shot routine.

Here’s a useful 1-page summary of useful pre-shot-routine advice.

Here’s some good advice from Ralph Eckert focusing on the grip hand.

An important part of a pre-shot routine is creating good alignment with your vision center positioned properly for consistent and accurate sighting. It is also important to have a consistent and purposeful eye pattern.

Concerning the stroke, recommended best practices are described and demonstrated here:

stroke “best practices”

If your aim looks wrong while in your stance, should you always get up and start over?

No. Even world class players make small adjustments to aim and alignment when down on a shot to make sure everything looks perfect before “pulling the trigger.” The problem is doubting and changing your aim away from the “shot picture” you saw when you were “aiming while standing” (for more info, see the DAM aiming advice page). While down on a shot, one should not change the aim they saw when they were “aiming while standing.” However, if the aim and alignment do not look right after one is down on the shot (based on what one saw when “aiming while standing”), fine adjustments are appropriate. Obviously, if any big adjustments are being made while down on the shot, one should stand up and restart their pre-shot routine.

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