What are some recommended “best practices” for the pre-shot routine?

The following videos, the first from Vol. I of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP), describe and demonstrate elements of a good pre-shot routine:

For more information, see “VEPP – Part I: Introduction and Fundamentals,” (BD, April, 2012).

The following video demonstrates what many players often do wrong:

This video also provides excellent advice: NV B.5 – Mike Page’s pre-shot routine video (part 1, part 2). Also, these two articles by Bob Jewett offer excellent advice:

Here’s a useful 1-page summary of useful pre-shot-routine advice.

Here’s some good advice from RalphEckert focusing on the grip hand. And here are some thoughts by Max Eberle.

An important part of a pre-shot routine is creating good alignment with your vision center positioned properly for consistent and accurate sighting. It is also important to have a consistent and purposeful eye pattern.

Concerning the stroke, recommended best practices are described and demonstrated here:

stroke “best practices”

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