What are considered “best practices” for stroke technique?

Here are good video demonstrations of what are generally considered “best practices” of stroke technique:

The stroke “best practices” document provides a detailed summary of general recommendations for stroke preparation and execution. The pre-shot routine is also an important component of technqiue. Here’s a good illustration from Jeremiah Gage summarizing important stroke routine “best practices”:

stroke routine steps

The following video can help you diagnose and fix issues with your stroke with the help of video analysis:

For more information, see “Stroke Video Analysis” (BD, March, 2024), video analysis procedure, and check-list for video analysis.

A good drill for working on your stroke is MOFUDAT (The “MOst Famous and Useful Drill of All Time”). For demonstrations of this and many other stroke, aim, and alignment drills, see:

For more info, here are some relevant additional resources:

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