What are some example shots where throw and spin transfer can be used or must be accounted for?

Several examples of throw shots are demonstrated in the following videos:

And here are some more:

These and other examples are also described and illustrated in the following series of instructional articles:

Any time there is throw, there is also spin transfer. Numerous examples of where spin transfer comes into play can be found here: spin transfer examples.

Throw can also be used in “hold” or “kill” shots. Throw is also very important in frozen-ball combination (see frozen-ball throw). And many trick shots also rely on, or are affected by, throw. For examples, see famous trick shots.

With clusters, there is a whole world of possible shots available taking advantage of kiss and carom aiming principles and throw and spin-transfer effects. Many good examples can be found in Mark Finkelstein’s collection of cluster shots.

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