What are some good proposition shots?

Many are described and demonstrated on on Vol. V of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (VEPS) and in the following Top 10 video:

Here’s an expanded version of the the three-frozen-ball challenge and the frozen triangle of balls (in super slow motion) from the previous video:

And other proposition shots involving three frozen balls can be found here:

Here are some good proposition shots involving the natural carom angle of a 1/2-ball hit:

Here are “wing shots” that can be used as proposition shots:

Here’s an example of trying to split a gap between two balls and follow forward:

Here’s one involving throw of a frozen ball down a rail (which is described and illustrated in “VEPS GEMS – Part XVII: Trick and Proposition Shots” – BD, May, 2011):

Here’s a classic 3-frozen-ball proposition shot:

Here’s a classic spotted frozen-ball proposition shot:

Several are described and illustrated in “Coin Proposition Shots” (BD, January, 2012). Here is a demonstration of the featured shot in the article, involving knocking a quarter off and away from a ball (e.g., off a dollar bill):

and here are some others, also described and illustrated in the article:

Here’s a proposition or challenge shot to make an OB swerve around an obstacle ball:

Here’s a famous cross-side proposition bank shot made famous by Vernon Elliot:

Here’s an impressive frozen double-kiss bank that is a good proposition shot:

Other famous proposition shots can be found in the Mike Masséy trick shot collection video.

And here’s a good collection of bar bets, tricks, pranks, and gags:

See also:

from Bob Jewett (in AZB post):

Here is a very old proposition shot. The one and cue ball each go three cushions and the cue ball hits the nine in.

three-and-three proposition shot

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