What is “back-of-the-ball” aiming?

The “back of the ball” system is an approximate visualization technique for approximating CB carom direction for a full-hit rolling-ball follow shot. The predicted CB carom direction is parallel to a line through the center of the OB and the point on the back of the OB along the CB aiming line. The system can be used to send the CB in a desired direction by first aiming the OB in the direction you want the CB to head after the hit. Find the point on the back of the OB at which the OB aiming line exits the ball. Then aim the CB at this point (on the back of the OB) and the CB will go in the desired direction with a slow to medium speed follow shot. Here’s a demonstration by Andrew Cleary:

As shown in TP B.13 (which also includes another version of “back of the ball” aiming covered in “Back of the Ball Aiming“, BD, Sept, 2016), it gives decent results for hits fuller than a 3/4-ball hit, but it is not as good as the 2.5-times-the-angle system. It is also difficult for some people to visualize the point on the back (hidden) side of the OB from the CB perspective.

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