What are some good drills for practicing defensive safety play?

Here are some examples from Vol. III of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP):

For more information, see: “VEPP – Part IX: Safety Drills,” (BD, December, 2012).

Here are some fun challenge games and drills from Vol. V of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice (VEPP):

Here’s another safety drill from the Billiard University (BU) Instructional Series:

For more info, see “Billiard University (BU) – Part VIII: Safeties” (BD, March, 2014).

Another good safety drill is to practice executing examples of safeties. Many can be found here:

Here’s a good collection of safety drills demonstrated by Niels Feijen:

Here is a fun Safety 8-ball Game for practicing safeties from Tony Mallama, et al.

from Tom Karsay (via e-mail suggestion):

Here’s a drill to practice the kind of vision needed for those fancy multi-rail escapes that come up in pool and snooker. Spread some balls more or less randomly on the table.  Place the cueball somewhere, maybe in the kitchen. Try to move the cueball around the table, returning to its starting position, without hitting any balls. Then try to find another route, then another. It’s a separate game of its own.

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