Where can I find ideas for how to teach pool-related math, geometry, trigonometry, and physics in the classroom?

Good examples of how math and physics can be demonstrated at a pool table are the 90° and 30° rules described and demonstrated here:

Other good examples are explained and demonstrated here:

Others can be found here:

Top 100 Pool and Billiards Tips, Tricks, “Secrets,” and “Gems”

Here’s a clip from Disney’s Mathmagic Land that shows Donald Duck experiencing the Corner-5 System.

The following articles provide a good introduction to many interesting pool physics principles:

Lots of examples of how algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and physics can be applied to pool can be found here:

Technical Proofs of many pool-physics-related analyses

Many of these analyses are beyond the K-12 level, but some could be presented in a way that is appropriate. The billiards and pool physics resources page also provides a list of references and links to many general interest and technical articles, books, and websites providing excellent general resources related to pool physics.

It is also fun and interesting to teach kids the basic fundamentals of how to play pool. Many resources available to help do this are available here:

Online Pool Tutorial

And all people (especially young people) seem to enjoy seeing and being involved with trick and proposition shots. Classic examples are described, illustrated, and demonstrated here:

And any time a student or teacher comes across a terms or phrases they do not understand, definitions can be found here:

Online Glossary of pool and billiards terms and phrases

Here’s a video interview with Dr. Dave showing how he incorporates his passion for pool into the engineering classroom.

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) already has a Pool in School program, and a group in the Netherlands has a pool/math curriculum called SmartCue.

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