What are some good drills to use to learn how much sidespin to use and when?

The only real way to know how much sidespin is required in different situations is through practice and experience. It helps to work on sidespin drills like the ones demonstrated at the 9:02 point in the video below. It can also help a lot to understand all the sidespin effects demonstrated at the 5:32 point:

Useful sidespin drills include:

Here are a good collection of example sidespin shots from the BU Boot Camp. These are excellent shots to practice as a drill. Demonstrations of most of these shots are in the video above and in the following video:

The aiming system used in this video is covered in great detail in the System for Aiming With Sidespin (SAWS).

Many game-situation sidespin examples, strategies, and techniques are demonstrated in detail in the following instructional videos:

A good “drill” is to practice all these shots and examples.

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