What is squerve?

Squerve, sometimes called “effective squirt” or “net cue ball deflection” or just “cue ball deflection” is the combined effect of SQUirt and swERVE. For more information, see “Squirt – Part VIII: squerve effects” (BD, March, 2008) and “Squirt – Part III: follow/draw squirt and swerve” (BD, October, 2007). For a summary of all of the factors affecting squerve, see: squirt, swerve, and throw effects. Also, here’s a video excerpt from Vol. II of the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots that explains and demonstrates things:

For more information, see squirt/swerve cue elevation effects and draw/follow effects. And for information and advice for how to adjust for squirt and swerve when using sidespin, see the aiming with sidespin resource page. The most effective approach is the System for Aiming With Sidespin (SAWS), which is based on using combinations of back-hand english (BHE) and front-hand english (FHE).

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